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Wood pellet boilers

Glendevon Energy are leading suppliers and installers of wood pellet boilers in Scotland.  From new build cottages to large commercial buildings we have experience of delivering value for money, with the optimum system for your property.   Contact us to visit a Glendevon Energy installed system and see how it could work for you and your property.  

Wood pellet fuel is virtually carbon neutral and can offer fuel savings, particularlly against LPG or electricity.  In addition the Domestic and Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentives, combined with Energy Saving Trust loans, can make for a sound investment and return on your capital.  Visit our funding page for more information.    

Key Features

  • Wide range of controls, from standard heating controls, to highly sophistocated units with a range of adjustable programs.
  • Weather compensated controls to increase fuel savings and comfort.
  • Boiler modulation according to demand, ensuring the most efficient amount of fuel is consumed.
  • Manual feed or automated feed with bulk store.
  • Bulk store location may be up to 25m from the boiler.
  • Fully automated systems available including heat surface cleaning and ash compression (removal required only 2 or 3 times per year).
  • Large capacity storage systems for up to one years fuel

Feeding Mechanisms

Wood pellet boilers are often supplied automatically from a bulk pellet store.  This can be either via a mechanical connection or vacuum turbine.  Vacuum systems have the advantage of enabling the bulk store to be positioned remotely (up to 25m) from the boiler.   Off the shelf solutions are available, or customers can self build/ commission bespoke stores.   

A Note on Fuel

As with all types of biomass the quality and moisture content of fuel used has an enormous impact on the effeciency and smooth operation of your system.  With this in mind manufacturers and the Government have clear standards on quality of fuel used.  For systems claiming the Domestic or Non Domestic RHI, fuel providers must be registered with the Biomass Supplier's ListFor some tips from Ofgem on Moisture Content in Fuel click here.  

If you are looking for boiler houses and/ or pellet storage we have a variety of options for you, including the Glendevon Energy Cabin, and can advise on bespoke structures.     



To discuss your project or visit a Glendevon Energy installation contact our team on 01577 840579 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. us.