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Glendevon Coanda Hydro Cleaning Kit

Glendevon Energy are the UK Service Partners for the SSES Coanda Screen Cleaning System, founded the Rumbling Bridge Community Hydro Scheme (500kW) and are undertaking development work for a proposed scheme at Loch a Bhroin in Ross-shire (2MW).  To discuss screen cleaning and hydro opportunities call Hugh Wallace on 01577 840579 or contact us.  

SSES Coanda Screen Cleaning System

As pictured above, this is a brush that is driven backwards and forwards across a hydro weir by a low voltage DC drive that can be powered in a variety of ways.  This allows Coanda Screens to be cleaned automatically, thus improving performance and reducing the health and safety/ practical complications of manual cleaning. Rather than sending a member of staff across the weir to clean in all conditions this offers an automatic cleaning solution which has been developed in Canada and now tried and tested in the UK.

The SSES Coanda Screen Cleaning System was launched in the UK at the British Hydro Power Conference 2018 - and is installed at the Rumbling Bridge Community Hydro Scheme near Kinross in Scotland.  To visit the system in action, or discuss the potential performance benefits for your Hydro Scheme contact Hugh Wallace by calling 01577 840579.


Rumbling Bridge Community Hydro Scheme

This is a 500kW run of river scheme on the River Devon, which capitalizes on the vertical drop created by Rumbling Bridge gorge coupled with flows from a wide catchment area.   The hydro scheme is now generating enough renewable electricity each year to power over 500 homes.  The pipe route runs from the intake weir just upstream of Naemoor Gardens to the downstream side of the Gorge. Its 1350m long with a 45m vertical drop and makes use of an old railway cutting. 

Hugh comments “the lightbulb moment was when I saw photos of the old railway cutting at the Dollar Museum – previously the deep dig through Briglands look prohibitively expensive – but with the rock breaking already undertaken in  the 1860’s we could re-use the same route and the project became viable.  After years of development it is extremely exciting to see the project come to fruition and offer so much benefit locally, both in terms of renewable electricity generated and the Community Benefit Fund.  As the largest Community Hydro Scheme in Scotland this is a great asset for both the local Community and Scotland".

Glendevon Energy founded the scheme with the support of a CARES loan, and Energy4All financed the project – enabling the local community to benefit as much as possible from the development by establishing the Rumbling Bridge Community Hydro Society (RBCHS). RBCHS own and administer the scheme, with E4All as administrators, and Glendevon Energy providing the maintenance contract. The Scheme was officially launched by the Minister for Business, Innovation and Energy on 28th October 2016, for photographs and information click here.  

GW E4A Rumbling Hydro logo final small


Loch a Bhraoin - Proposed Hydro Project

Following the success of the Rumbling Bridge Hydro project, Hugh identified another opportunity at Loch a Bhraoin in Wester Ross. Following a great deal of  feasibility work, environmental scoping and negotiation, planning and CAR  license applications for a 2MW scheme were granted in the final quarter of 2018.   This scheme offers an exciting opportunity for storage at Loch a Bhraoin which should also result in performance improvements for SSE's downstream Cuileig Scheme.  Initial feasibility work was funded by the CARES loan scheme.  


To discuss hydro opportunities with Glendevon Energy call 01577 840579 or contact us.